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Announcing Remirror v3 beta ๐ŸŽ‰

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Will Hawker

TLDR: Remirror aims to be a better citizen, by not imposing our architectural decisions on to you.

Introducing Remirror v3 beta ๐ŸŽ‰

๐Ÿง Why?โ€‹

This version aims to make it easier to use Remirror in existing applications, by not imposing our architectural decisions on to you.

The core of Remirror v2 relied on packages such as @mui/material to power our menus and toolbars, and @lingui/core to provide internationalisation (i18n) support.

However, after gathering feedback from the Remirror community, we found that most users wanted to integrate Remirror into existing applications, where design systems were already in place, and i18n solutions already present.

This meant Remirror's core created unnecessary pain points - translations needed to be encoded specifically for Remirror, in a different way to the rest of the application. For other users the menus we provided didn't fit with their application's existing design system, so Remirror ended up bloating the application unnecessarily with MUI components that weren't even used.

To alleviate these pain points we have removed these features from the core, and moved them into optional packages.

This enables Remirror to continue to support its main goal:

Remirror goal: "From Newbie to Pro"

Designed to grow with your skill set. Start with the out-of-the-box editor. Customize with components, React hooks, down to bare metal ProseMirror.

Our "out-of-the-box" editors (components exposed via @remirror/react-editors) include these new optional packages by default, so should have no breaking changes.

However, for more advanced scenarios we can use our Lego principle, allowing Remirror users to choose modules that make sense for their use case and build bespoke experiences for their applications.

โœจ What's new?โ€‹

Internationalisation changesโ€‹


"Out-of-the-box" (@remirror/react-editors) editors unaffected, these have been updated to keep v2 behaviour.

In Remirror v3, we want to allow any i18n library to be used with Remirror, instead of forcing Lingui upon you.

The root <Remirror /> component now supports an i18nFormat prop, that allows you to plug in any i18n library, by implementing a definition for this function.

If you want to keep the existing behaviour from v2, you can pass the i18nFormat function exposed from the now optional package @remirror/i18n

We have Storybook examples showing integrations with many populate i18n libraries, and our "How to migrate" section below.


"Out-of-the-box" (@remirror/react-editors) editors unaffected, these have been updated to keep v2 behaviour.

Remirror v3 decouples the React core of Remirror from MUI, reducing the size of @remirror/react considerably, as installing @remirror/react will no longer bundle @mui/material too

The MUI components (menus and toolbars) previously exposed by @remirror/react have been moved to a new optional package - @remirror/react-ui.

Additionally, these MUI components should now adhere to the theme of the parent application, if you're already using MUI.

The components themselves should have no breaking changes, only their import paths have changed.

For a full list of affected components, please see our "How to migrate" section below.

Built-in decorators updatedโ€‹


This is an internal change, there should be no breaking changes to the public API.

Our decorators (i.e. @extension, @command, @keyBinding, etc), have been updated to use ES Stage-3 decorators syntax, instead of TypeScript's experimental decorator syntax.

Mention atoms as plain textโ€‹

We've made a small change to ensure mention atoms are included in plain text by returning their label attribute value.

This can be modified using the nodeOverrides API and overriding the leafText function.

Removal of deprecated featuresโ€‹

Remirror v3 also removes deprecated features, but in the vast majority of changes alternatives exist. We have highlighted a few of the key removals below, but the rest with be covered in the migration guide

SearchExtension removed, please use FindExtension insteadโ€‹

The FindExtension moves out of beta and into the core, as it offers more features and is more performant than the removed SearchExtension.

Furthermore, to make the find functionality easy to use, we have added a new <FindButton /> component to the optional @remirror/react-ui package.

This button can be used within a Toolbar (also exposed via @remirror/react-ui) to present a find and replace popup in the top right of your editor.

A screenshot of the find and replace popup from the FindButton

Command "dry run" function isEnabled removed, use enabled insteadโ€‹

When using commands or chained commands, you can "dry run" the command to see if it can be executed against the current editor state.

For instance, you can check if toggleBold is enabled by running toggleBold.enabled() which returns a boolean indicating whether it is possible, without actually changing the editor's state.

.isEnabled() was an alias of .enabled(), but this alias has now been removed. Please use .enabled() instead.

โฌ†๏ธ How to migrate?โ€‹

Please consult the migration guide and reach out on Discord if you run into any issues.

๐Ÿ‘‚ Feedbackโ€‹

As this is a beta version we'd really love your feedback to check everything works as expected. Please raise any issues on GitHub or via our Discord server.

As always, reach out to use via our Discord server if you have any suggestions on how we could improve Remirror in general.