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Community development challenge

· 2 min read
Ronny Roeller

TLDR: NEXT to support development of open source editor Remirror

The last months of Remirror’s life have all been about creating a stable, pleasant-to-use API. And finally, we’re getting close to something that will deserve the “v1” label! 💪

Time to look forward. Remirror’s vision has been to be “your friendly, world-class ProseMirror editor toolkit”. A pleasant-to-use API is the cornerstone … but that’s not all. Providing a rich set of features out-of-the-box will allow developers to create mind-blowing experiences from day one.

So far, many of the current feature extensions came from community members. To name just a few: @ocavue contributed CodeRemirror and tables, @whawker created the callouts, and @benjie donated the Playground.

Building on this, let’s start a challenge to add more features as a community! 🚀

To make this more exciting, NEXT is supporting the challenge. We pledge to donate $50 for each of the first 10 implemented issues and special bounties of up to $500 for some selected features!

How does it work? Implement an issue, get your PR merged, and you will receive the bounty.

You can receive the bounty via GitHub sponsors or sourcebounty. Please reach out in case both options aren’t available in your geographic region.

List of issues:

Happy coding!

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