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Change of guards 💂

· 2 min read
Ronny Roeller

TLDR: New guard of maintainers will focus on easing adoption and adding more in-depth features.

🦘 Time for change

Over the last 2.5 years, @ifiokjr has done an outstanding job to lay the foundations of Remirror: Bold and visionary, he claimed the land on which we all can build. The recent v1 release marks the end of Remirror’s “Storm and Stress” phase. From here, the project’s focus will shift from groundbreaking changes to further maturing for on-scale use in production apps.

🙌 New team

This shift of focus has been accompanied by a gradual shift of contributors. While @ifiokjr guided the community to put the final pieces in place for v1, others stepped up to help the community, fix bugs, and contribute new features. After 6 months of transition, it’s time to officially hand over to the new guard of maintainers:

🧭 Direction forward

Remirror wants to make ProseMirror fun to use for React developers. It comes with beautiful out-of-the-box editors and allows to build powerful custom editors. The new team wants to keep on easing adoption and adding more in-depth features. Some of these efforts are well on their way: more comprehensive documentation, improved lists, and better file support to name a few. Importantly, we’re confident that we found a sustainable setup as all maintainers do use Remirror in their day jobs in production apps.

✊ Join the movement

A key ingredient of the Remirror community has been @ifiokjr’s ability to make everyone feel at home from day one. We want this to stay a cornerstone of the community! So, hit us up on Discord if you have any questions or want to discuss your ideas! Please also reach out if you can help. From fixing typo and describing in the docs what you found hard to grasp, to fixing bugs or contributing extensions. Every contribution is welcomed!

Lastly, a huge thanks to @ifiokjr for what you built and all your support during the transition! We’ll give our utmost to further your amazing achievement, as we enter the next stage of Remirror’s life!