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Styling selected nodes in Remirror

· 2 min read
Ronny Roeller

TLDR: Use shadow-box to tune the look of selected nodes in Remirror editor

A core concept of Remirror are ReactNodeViews, which allow developers to add custom nodes into a document. For example, a Remirror document might embed a user card with the user's photo, name, and so on. The Remirror document would store that a specific user was referenced. The ReactNodeView would be in charge of rendering the referenced user as a beautiful card. When the user selects such a node, Remirror will show by default a thin blue border around the node. Remirror does that by adding the CSS style ProseMirror-selectednode, which sets the outline property for the node.

Unfortunately, the CSS property outline has a couple of limitations like not allowing for a radius. The obvious alternative would be the CSS property border. Unfortunately, this won't work either because borders are part of the element whereas we want the selection to be visualized outside the element. Simply put, border would require to always block the space required for the border - thereby misaligning the node when it's not selected.

Luckily, shadow-box is rendered outside the element and respects the border radius of the element. This means we can actually get both via:

.remirror-editor .ProseMirror-selectednode: {
// Hide default outline
outline: 0,
boxShadow: 0 0 0 2px red,
borderRadius: 4px,
overflow: hidden,

Note the final overflow: hidden. This ensure that the content of the selected node doesn't run over our border.

Happy coding!

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