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Introducing Remirror v1 🎉

· 2 min read
Ronny Roeller

TLDR: Remirror is ready for prime time.

After 2.5 years of development and over 200 pre-releases, we’re excited to introduce Remirror v1!

🎯 The overarching goal for v1 was to bring the Remirror core into a shape that can stay stable for the foreseeable future. This work was guided by our learnings from the 0.x releases and by the feedback from community members who use Remirror in production.

✨ The v1 release features some major highlights:

  • Simplified APIs for hooks, commands, and positioners
  • Chainable commands
  • Prepackaged components for common use cases
  • Expanded documentation and storybook

🏎️ Use one of the tutorials to give the v1 release a spin:

  • 5 min tutorial: Build an app with a pre-packaged editor
  • Getting started: Build your own tailor-made editor and learn about the core concepts underlying Remirror

⬆️ Migrate from earlier versions:

  • To upgrade from 1.0.0-next. / pr706. pre-release: Guide
  • To upgrade from earlier 0.11.* releases: The library has changed significantly and you'd be better off browsing the documentation. Please reach out on Discord if you need any help.

🙏 A big thanks to @ifiokjr and all the other contributors who made the release possible!