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This extension transforms the ProseMirror content of your editor to markdown syntax. It also transforms markdown syntax into a ProseMirror document.


Reduced Storage

Markdown can be used to reduce the storage needed for your documents. It takes less space than a JSON object describing the same editor content.

The following example shows a hook which can be used to automatically persist content as markdown.

import delay from 'delay';
import { useCallback, useState } from 'react';
import { useHelpers, useKeymap } from '@remirror/react';

async function saveContent(content: string) {
// Fake API call
await delay(1000);

interface UseSaveHook {
saving: boolean;
error: Error | undefined;

// Create a hook which saves the content as markdown whenever `Ctrl-s` on Mac `Cmd-s` is pressed.
function useSaveHook() {
const helpers = useHelpers();
const [state, setState] = useState<UseSaveHook>({ saving: false, error: undefined });

useCallback(() => {
// Convert the editor content to markdown.
const markdown = helpers.getMarkdown();

setState({ saving: true, error: undefined });

.then(() => {
setState({ saving: false, error: undefined });
.catch((error) => {
setState({ saving: true, error });

return true;
}, [helpers]),

return state;

Transform existing Markdown

If you already have a lot of markdown content this can be used to transform the markdown content into a ProseMirror doc node for your editor.

  • The entire document can be set with a markdown string.
  • Insert any markdown content into the document at any insertion point.



This extension is installed for you when you install the main remirror package.

You can use the imports in the following way:

import { MarkdownExtension, MarkdownOptions } from 'remirror/extensions';

The extension is provided by the @remirror/extension-markdown package.


See storybook for examples.