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const active = useActive();


autoUpdate (Optional)

A boolean indicating whether this hook should trigger a component render when the editor state changes.

Default true.

Return value

An object containing all the nodes and marks in your editor, which when called as functions returns true if the node/mark is present within the current user selection.


This hooks helps you determine whether nodes or marks from your chosen extensions are present within the current user selection.

Empty selections (cursors)

If the user's cursor (denoted by "⏐") was present within

Some blockquote with bold⏐ text and italic text.

active.bold() would return true - similarly active.blockquote() would also return true.

Conversely active.italic() would return false as it is not present in the current user's selection.

Range selections

With range selections

Some blockquote with bold text and italic text.

active.bold(), active.italic() and active.blockquote() would all return true, as they are present within the range selection.

Filtering by attributes

Some extensions provide nodes/marks with attributes, for instance the HeadingExtension provides a level attribute indicating which heading level (<h1>-<h6>) to use.

useActive provides a means of filtering results by attribute values. So you could determine the difference between different heading levels.

Given some editor content like, and a cursor ("⏐") position

Heading 2⏐

Some text

Heading 3

More text

active.heading() would return true

active.heading({ level: 2 }) would return true

active.heading({ level: 3 }) would return false

Multiple attribute values can be provided to the filter (where all values must match). Any attributes not provided will be ignored.

Mark attribute filtering is also supported.


This hook is most commonly used to modify the toggle state of toolbar buttons, or set the selected item in a dropdown.

Here we use active.code() to toggle a class name, and the state of aria-pressed.

const CodeButton = () => {
const { toggleCode } = useCommands();
const active = useActive();

const handleClick = useCallback(() => {
if (toggleCode.enabled()) {
}, [toggleCode]);

return (
className={cx({ isActive: active.code() })}