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const allHelpers = useHelpers();
const allHelpersWithUpdate = useHelpers(true);


update (Optional)

A boolean indicating whether this hook should trigger a component render when the editor state changes.

Default false.

Return value

An object containing all the helpers available in the editor.


This hooks exposes all the helpers from your chosen extensions (and those built in by default).

For instance getJSON is provided by a built-in extension and always available. However getMarkdown would require the MarkdownExtension to be present.

Helpers allow you to read editor state.


By convention, when using this hook, you deconstruct the helpers needed for your use case.

const { getJSON } = useHelpers();

Each helper can be called as a function, passing the arguments as required.

const { getJSON } = useHelpers();

const onSave = useCallback(
({ state }) => {

// Prevents any further key handlers from being run.
return true;

useKeymap('Mod-s', onSave);

By passing true to useHelpers you can ensure your component uses the latest editor state. Be aware this has performance implications, e.g. triggering a React render on every key press.

const { getJSON } = useHelpers(true);

return (
<code>{JSON.stringify(getJSON(), null, 2)}</code>