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useKeymap(name, handler);
useKeymap(name, handler, priority);



A string describing a key combination. This can be a single key like 'Enter', or multiple keys seperated by a dash, i.e. 'Mod-s'.


In ProseMirror you can use Mod as a shorthand for Cmd on Mac, and Ctrl on other platforms.


A callback function that returns a boolean.

When a key press matching name is activated, this function will be called.

priority (Optional)

Overrides the priority of this key handler. Defaults to ExtensionPriority.Medium;

Return value



This hook allows you to create custom keyboard shortcuts that trigger behaviour.

The callback function given as the second parameter, should return a boolean indicating whether any other key handlers should be run.

const handleKeyPress = useCallback(({ tr, state, dispatch, next }) => {
console.log('Key combination pressed');

// Prevent other key handlers being run
// return true;

// Not applicable here, run other key handlers
// return false;

// Run other key handlers (allows for composition - see below)
return next();
}, []);

return true means no other key handlers should be run.

This should be used with caution, especially with common keyboard shortcuts like Enter, as returning true could prevent things like creating a new line. Consider return next() instead.

return false means this key handler is not applicable, and other key handlers should be run.

return next() allows for composition (and improved readability), see Composing key handlers below.

const onSave = useCallback(({ tr, state, dispatch, next }) => {
console.log('Mod and S key pressed!');

// Prevents any further key handlers from being run.
return true;
}, []);

useKeymap('Mod-s', onSave);


When combined with other Remirror hooks, such as useCommands or useHelpers you can create powerful features for novice and power users alike.

Here we use the getJSON helper to extract the editor state as JSON and "save to backend" when the user presses Cmd + S on Mac, or Ctrl + S on other platforms.

const { getJSON } = useHelpers();

const onSave = useCallback(
({ state }) => {

// Prevents any further key handlers from being run.
return true;

useKeymap('Mod-s', onSave);

Commands exposed by useCommands have a property .original() this will expose the raw command in a form acceptable to useKeymap.

const { toggleCode } = useCommands();
// Avoid this pattern for common keys like 'Enter' or 'Backspace'
useKeymap('Mod-/', toggleCode.original());

WARNING: commands return a boolean, which will prevent other key handlers being run when the command returns true.

Composing key handlers

The useKeymap callback will receive a property next.

Consider using return next() instead of return true/false.

  • Using instead of return true will allow you to compose multiple behaviours (still return true if you want to override everything)
  • Using instead of return false will improve the readability of your code by making the intention clearer.
import { ExtensionPriority } from 'remirror';
import { useHelpers, useKeymap } from 'remirror/extensions';

export function useKeyboardAnalytics() {
const { sendEvent } = useSomeAnalyticsProvider();

const onSave = useCallback(
({ next }) => {
sendEvent({ type: 'keyboard', shortcut: 'Mod-s' });

// returning true would prevent other handlers for Mod-s being run
// which would break our existing saveToBackend functionality (above)

// Instead, we return next, which will run other key handlers too
return next();

useKeymap('Mod-s', onSave);